The Eyelash Growth Serum Celebrity Has Been Using


Kim Kardashian has recently been serving up nonstop natural glam. In an advertisement, the 36-year-old actress says her new routine includes a few eyelash growth serums  (Careprost Drops) that help her avoid eyelash extensions. The Queen Pegasus 2 Step Lash Elixir Kit was recently released, and the parent company is the same one behind the FlatTummy Tea that we can't seem to get enough of on Instagram.

The first step in the kit is The Base. This conditioner contains peptides and amino acids. All you have to do after removing your makeup in the evening is focused on swiping the product along the bottom of your lash line. Step one, according to Kardashian, is applied to her top and bottom lashes. The Lash is the second step. Its applicator is shaped like a skinny mascara wand. The formula also contains a blend of oils, such as rosehip seed oil and argan kernel oil, which is combed from the root to the tip of the lashes.

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Sounds good, but purchasing the kit appears to be a significant investment. It's available as a subscription service, and the website states, "Unless you cancel, you will receive a new supply of The Base and The Lash in about four weeks from today, and about every four weeks after that.


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  4. I had eyelash extensions for years and they caused a lot of damage. My real eyelashes started breaking off and I decided I needed to let them breath. When she took off my extensions she ripped out my real ones as well leaving gaps in my lashes and I was mortified. Some one told me to use dermalmd lash growth serum I haven't been using this serum for longer than a week but already it has filled in my gaps and made my lashes soooooo much stronger. My lashes have already started to get longer and I am no longer embarrassed to wear mascara thinking I look like a naked mole rat. 10/10 would recommend!

  5. This was very helpful, thank you! Also, you can buy Careprost Online USA to get longer and thicker eyelashes.


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